Visit Our Brewery Store!

We, at Gozenshu Brewery, will welcome you with a variety of things which you may only find at sake breweries and nowhere else. Do make a visit and see them with your own eyes what is behind the store curtain.

Free Seasonal Sake Tasting

As you make a step inside, you will soon be allured with aromatic fragrance of our finest sake. At the Brewery Store, you can taste most of our sake for free (with a few exceptions of special kinds.) There are also sake-related food items such as sake cakes, jellies and pickles which are all made from sake-derived ingredients. They will surely make an ideal souvenir for sake lovers and non-drinkers alike.

Range of Limited Edition Sake Available

One thing you should never miss is “Kuramoto Tanboh” (“Visit to the Brewery”), the raw undiluted junmai sake directly scooped from the brewing tank. As the name speaks for itself, it is the sake which only the visitors to our brewery can have a taste and purchase. Upon purchasing, the sake will be bottled from the server in front of you. (Available in 720ml bottles only.)

"Kazan Gura” - Our Vintage Sake Cellar

Another specialty unique to the Brewery Store is “Kazan Gura”, a vintage sake cellar located at the back. Customers can taste our selection of vintage sake for \ 200 per shot. Why not have a sip, savor, and find the one that best suits your palate?

Open 7 days a week
(except New Year Holidays)
Gozenshu Brewery (Tsuji Honten Co., Ltd.)
116 Katsuyama, Maniwa City,
Okayama 717-0013 Japan